4501% ROAS With Shopping Ads and Paid Search Strategy

Client Profile

The company manufactures and markets high-quality plant-based products (Lignan) for Canines. It is a clinically proven supplement for overall health with natural phytonutrients, including; support for cardiovascular function, normal digestion, and sleep patterns. Driven by nature’s wholeness, the formulae do not have any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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Due to the drugs and supplements ecommerce store, a major hurdle was getting permission to run ads on Google. Before partnering with XtremeUX, the Client ran their in-house search ads for a brand to reach audiences and source viable leads. But they struggled to drive quality traffic to their ecommerce store through it and were not getting enough return on investment (ROI). The Client needed a holistic approach to boosting their overall customer base.


XtremeUX helped the client with paid advertising through a number of features, including optimized shopping ads, conversion tracking, and analytics and measurements. Then:

  • Identified that clients’ standard search ads conversion tracking setup was incorrect.
  • Raised paid advertising initiatives by creating search ad campaigns for branded, non-branded to reach clients’ target audiences.
  • Rebuilt the conversions and adequately set up transaction conversions on site.
  • Enforce the conversion bid strategy to get the specific campaign goals.
  • Optimized the shopping ads’ cost per click (CPC) and managed the campaign’s daily spending.
  • Display ads to bolster the search and shopping ads to generate the most impressions possible.

Business Impact

After successfully setting up shopping and other advertising campaigns for clients’ online storefronts, it significantly improved their digital presence to drive shoppers to their online storefronts. Also, grow the overall business by $24K in revenue. The proof is in the numbers:

Increase in orders


Increase in Orders / Calls

Increase in Revenue


Increased Revenue

conversion improved


Conversion Improved

Reduce Cost per conversion


Cost per Conversion Reduced