Transformed Revenue Growth into Six-Figure With Paid Search Strategy

Client Profile

One of the top-quality kilt rental shops with a thriving business that ships Scottish kilts and accessories across the USA. Pride to serving on the front lines of the kilt rental industry, they have contained kilt outfits, from formal to casual, and even a kilt for toddlers.

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Even after running a PPC campaign and managing it continuously, the Client was underperforming and faced a revenue and sales volume plateauing. They knew opportunities were being left on the table. They needed to recognize and reach their target audience precisely, boost their sales, and increase user engagement.

The company wants to present a brand and creative message that is instantly influential and optimize toward tight business goals on ROAS and CPA while maintaining organic SEO rankings. All these guided them to the XtremeUX.


Because the client needed a drastic turnaround without losing their existing customers, XtremeUX took a highly targeted approach. They did an analytical review of their historical data and identified the most profitable campaign opportunities. This includes:

  • Creating a new search campaign with new tightly targeted ad groups
  • Target specific demographics & audiences
  • Use the conversion bid strategy to boost quality scores, reduce cost-per-click, and raise conversion rates
  • Executed Display Ads & Google Ads with keywords and extensions to provide the best return
  • Separate campaigns for clients best selling products
  • Regularly examine key performance indicators (conversions, clicks, impressions, and more)

Business Impact

Through advanced audience targeting techniques and complex technical structures in campaigns, XtremeUX helped clients reach millions of organic target customers. Also, grow the overall business by $225K in revenue. The proof is in the numbers:

Increase in orders


Increase in Orders / Calls

Increase in Revenue


Increased Revenue

conversion improved


Increase in ROAS

Reduce Cost per conversion


Cost per Conversion Reduced

“XtremeUX continues to provide top-notch services. They have just completed a refresh of my BigCommerce site, and I could not be happier. They manage two sites for me, SEO and PPC. They are great.”