270% Increase in Revenue With SEO and Shopping Ads

Client Profile

The company has an array of the industry’s most elegant and luxurious candle brands, from Trapp Candles to Illume, Delirium, and Himalayan Trading Post. Each brand has its distinct vibe and holds various products and fragrances. They have fresh scents and warm and soothing aromas for every corner of your house to lighten up your mood.

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case study traffic revenue roas increased


The Client’s initial need was to execute an organic SEO to generate traffic and revenue. However, they failed to get the desired results and generating up to mark revenue. They wanted to scale up traffic and the number of leads. The core challenge was scaling while remaining profitable and keeping the cost per acquisition (CPA) on target while growing the business.


Since the project had a rigorous budget, XtremeUX started at a very low baseline with an aggressive goal to rise. However, this needed to be profitable growth all the way through. The team worked to assemble a comprehensive digital strategy that focused on PPC but included elements of conversion rate optimization, SEO strategy, and overall ecommerce strategy.

  • SEO strategy
  • Low budget campaigns
  • Use the conversion bid strategy to cater to changes in return on ad spend
  • Remarketing ads and Shopping ads – google, bing, yahoo shopping ads
  • Separate campaigns for best-selling products
  • Bifurcate and promote price-level products through different powerful campaigns

Business Impact

XtremeUX constantly monitors the website traffic & ranking. The client’s site noticed significant progress in all performance areas in just a few months of working.

They have generated outstanding click rates, conversions, and orders to revolutionize their revenues. Here’s what the report says:

Increase in orders


Increase in Orders / Calls

Increase in Revenue


Increased Revenue

conversion improved


Increase in ROAS

Reduce Cost per conversion


Cost per Conversion Reduced