User Behavior Analysis

Gain a better understanding of your users' behavior and improve your website's user experience

Simplify your customers’ buying process with user journey analysis

Tracking your users’ behavior across your website is essential to understanding how they interact with your content, products, and services. GA4 offers a wealth of features to track user behavior and engagement but to leverage its potential fully; you need advanced tracking and customization.

User Tracking on website
Magento 2, Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce

Our service includes:

  • Track user navigation on your website, including menu items, dropdowns, and search queries
  • Track user interactions on category pages, including filters, sorting, and pagination
  • Track user interactions on product pages, including views, clicks, and add-to-cart events
  • Track user interactions on cart and checkout pages, including abandonments and successful transactions
  • Track form submissions and engagement, including field interactions and validation errors
  • Track page scrolling and engagement to understand how users interact with your content
  • Track outbound link clicks to measure referral traffic and outbound clicks