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Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing & Advertising Experts

Amazon Advertising Services: Position Your Brand Where It Matters

Connecting with online shoppers has never been more important for brands. Amazon understands the modern consumer journey better than most, as people routinely turn to their digital shelves for both inspiration and acquisition. Their advertising offerings are designed to meet buyers where they live – within Amazon’s search and product experiences.


Brands can promote their wares and increase visibility across Amazon territories through tools such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. By intelligently targeting related search queries, ads can appear prominently on search results pages and detailed product pages. This precisely positions messaging and merchandise amidst the moments of strongest shopping intent.


Ad campaigns allow for nuanced targeting too. Merchants can optimize towards success metrics that align with their goals, whether driving clicks through to websites and apps, boosting sales within Amazon’s ecosystem, or raising broader brand awareness.


Given Amazon’s position as the leading online marketplace, their advertising solutions offer unrivaled access to engaged buyers primed and ready to purchase. Skillfully utilizing Amazon’s full promotional arsenal empowers brands to prosper by meeting customers with desired goods exactly when browsing evolves to buying. Those who strategically engage Amazon’s audience at its points of purchase power stand to meaningfully further their business objectives.

Top Reasons for Choosing Amazon as a Selling Platform

  • Amazon has 310 million customers worldwide: For comparison, that’s almost as many shoppers as the entire population of the U.S. eTail reports that 90 million of these active global customers are Amazon Prime members.
  • 51% of consumers start their product searches on Amazon: According to Jungle Scout’s most recent Consumer Trends Report, Amazon is the most popular search destination for consumers, above search engines (39%), Walmart (34%), YouTube (23%), and Facebook (22%). Amazon sees over 2 billion site visits every month and saw 2.2 billion site visits in April 2023.
  • Most of Amazon’s sales come from independent sellers: Independent sellers sell a majority of the products sold on Amazon. According to Amazon, 60% of all Amazon sales in 2022 came from third-party sellers, most representing small-to-medium-sized businesses.
  • The majority of Amazon sellers are 3P sellers: Globally, nearly 2 million small and midsize third-party businesses are selling on Amazon. In 2023, 70% of these sellers are 3P sellers or independent sellers using Seller Central.
  • Third-party sellers generate some serious cash: According to the research, 89% of Amazon sellers are profitable, and 63% are profitable within a year of launching their business. In addition, 22% of SMB sellers surpassed $10,000 in average monthly sales.
  • 86% of sellers use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) as their selling method: Amazon FBA is the most popular fulfillment method for third-party sellers; 54% of sellers create their products and brands with the private label model.
  • Millennials Are the Biggest Audience: Millennials might get a bad rap in some areas, but not when using Amazon. They outpace Baby Boomers by a ratio of two to one for using Amazon as a shopping tool.
  • Amazon is Taking Over Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Categories: One of the most significant changes in shopping behavior is the home improvement industry. Before, buyers would head to their local hardware store and have a pro help them pick out products in person, but Amazon’s 1.1 million home improvement items display a clear shift away from offline shopping in that area.
  • Almost Everyone Price Checks on Amazon: Amazon almost always jumps to the top of shoppers’ lists for price checking, with 9 out of 10 shoppers checking the marketplace for the best deals. When consumers do that, they’re looking for the best all-around package in terms of price, customer service, and shipping speed.

What XtremeUX Offers?


The marketing experts at XtremeUX Digital have developed strong expertise when it comes to optimizing product listings on Amazon and keeping up with shifts in online advertising. The team has obtained an informed understanding of how Amazon displays search results and recommendations, as well as techniques for improving product visibility like search engine optimization and data-driven campaign planning. They offer customizable Amazon services focused on growth, like helping businesses refine their goals and advertising approaches.


The overall aim is to support sellers’ success by raising product visibility and connecting buyers with offerings they may like. Whether you want to boost sales or reach new audiences, XtremeUX Digital’s strategic promotional services can help take your Amazon presence to the next level. Don’t hesitate to contact their team to explore how a tailored marketing partnership could benefit your brand.


Amazon PPC Advertising

Increase your Amazon success through skilled promoted product campaigns. Our customized approaches make sure your items are prominently displayed, leading to more clicks and purchases. Stay one step ahead of rivals and maximize return on investment with our time-tested Amazon advertising answers.

Product Listing

Optimize Product Listing

Boost how visible your products are and sales numbers on Amazon through our high-quality listing improvement help. We create persuasive descriptions, carefully chosen relevant terms, and eye-catching visuals to guarantee customers easily notice your offerings and are more likely to buy.


Amazon SEO Services

Optimizing visibility on Amazon requires focus. Product listings must stand out through thorough keyword research, descriptive text, engaging images, and backend tweaks. Taking time to get these details right can significantly improve how often customers discover items and decide to buy. It's about understanding shoppers and guiding them to perfect purchases.

Brand Store

Brand Store Creation

Brands benefit from custom storefronts too. When companies choose to tell their story on their own terms through a dedicated Amazon space, it differentiates them from competitors. Customers gain context into what makes a brand special. With the right presentation, they form meaningful connections which lead to loyalty over the long run.

Customer Reviews

Review Management

Staying close to customers means actively listening. Review platforms offer a view into what resonates and what needs adjustment. Answering comments thoughtfully maintains good standing while fueling future innovations. Positive reinforcement spreads the word naturally as well. It's a feedback loop that strengthens bonds on both sides of the aisle.


Competitor Analysis

Progress requires knowing competitors. Seeing what attracts attention elsewhere provides learning opportunities. Whether it's products, marketing, or business models, examining different approaches sparks new ideas. Rather than fear rivalry, embracing competitive spirit drives all players to deliver even better experiences. Progress happens through open-mindedness.

Why Choose XtremeUX for Amazon Marketing Services Agency?


Expertise & Experience

Our group consists of proficient experts with substantial backgrounds in Amazon marketing and advertising. We maintain current insights into the most recent trends and optimal methodologies to provide strategy-driven outcomes.


Customized Approach

Recognizing the distinct nature of each business, we customize our Amazon Marketing & Advertising Services to harmonize with your individual objectives, financial plan, and target demographic, guaranteeing optimal impact and efficacy.


Data-Driven Strategies

We depend on data and analytics to steer our decision-making process. Through utilizing insights and performance metrics, we consistently enhance your campaigns for improved outcomes.

FAQs about Amazon Marketing & Advertising Experts

What kind of Amazon marketing services do you offer?

We offer a full range of Amazon advertising services including sponsored ads, targeted product promotions, brand store optimization, influencer campaigns, and more to boost product visibility.


What results can I expect from your Amazon marketing services?

Our clients typically see a 20-30% increase in sales in the first 3 months. We also help improve branded search rankings, conversions, product reviews and more.


How can you help manage my Amazon sponsored ads?

We set up, manage and optimize your Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Headline Search campaigns using bid optimization strategies tailored to your business goals.


Do you help with Amazon SEO?

Yes, we optimize listings for higher rankings, integrate keywords in copy, improve site architecture, and identify new SEO opportunities to capture more organic traffic.


I sell on Shopify/Walmart/eBay- can you manage ads there too?

Absolutely, our team has experience managing paid search and product listing ads across every major ecommerce platform to promote brands beyond just Amazon.

Hire Our Team of Amazon Experts to Grow Your Ecommerce Sales


With over 10 years of combined experience boosting Amazon sales, our proven Amazon advertising strategies will take your ecommerce business to the next level. Tap into more revenue streams on the largest marketplace in the world. Get your online business’s full potential with our expertise.